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Posted on Sep 30 2011 - 3:38pm by vanityrich

Here in the mid-Atlantic we’re in the midst of hurricane season, so you know what that entitles — raining, flooding, humidity and BAD HAIR DAYS.  And if there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a Bad Hair Day (BHD)…it sort of throws my day off. 

Bad Hair Day

Earlier this month, I attended The Fashionable Life Event .  It literally, poured all day long, I looked like a chihuahua, when I arrived to the event.  This week it seemed like it rained almost every day, so it was like why bother doing my hair, if it’s just going to look a mess when I step outside.  I mean, I could leave the house with my scarf on my head, but I wasn’t up for the crazy stares on my metro ride in, so I decided to finally do a little research on hair products and tips for rainy days and here are some recommendations:

- Use a misting a heat-protective spray on wet hair. Not only does it stop hair from drying out over time (which makes it much more frizz-prone), it helps create a barrier against environmental moisture. Glamour

* I like using Nexxus Heat Protexx Heat Protecting Styling Spray.  It’s lightweight and alcohol free so it doesn’t dry my hair out.

-  Use  a little anti-frizz product 

* I use KeraCare’s Humidity Block Sheen.  It’s extremely hydrating and shiny, so you will only need to spray a little. Although it is has a humidity block, I would suggest following the other tips as well,because even when using the sheen during humid weather my hair still falls flat.

Look for products containing silicone or using wax bases.  These ingredients will will the hair and prevent the penetration of the hair shaft by the moisture in the hair.

* In the past I have used Kuza Indian Hemp Hair & Scalp Treatment.  Love the scent and the fact that it kept my hair in tact, but because it is a heavy product, you would have to wash your hair more frequently. 

I’m going to try these methods and products and keep you posted.  If you have any tips or products you’d like to recommend, please feel free to tell us!

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