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Face Going HAM :: My Dermo Visit Recap

Over a month ago,  I explained how I scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist because my acne was getting out of control (Connect the Dots).  I booked an appointment with Dr. Agnes Chang from the Integrated Dermatology of K Street.  I had to wait a whole month until I could get in to see Dr. Chang, but according to her ratings on, evidently, she was worth the wait.

Based on my experience with most doctors, I expected that Dr. Chang would simply ask me what was wrong and she’d just prescribe me medication and tell me to be on my way.  She exceeded my expectations.  When she walked in,  she was glammed out — forget the lab coat, she rocked a faux fur trimmed sweater, hair shiny and wavy, makeup neutral yet radiant and a fresh gray polished manicure.

She was very attentive, engaging and proactive.  She asked about my skincare concerns and questions about products I have been using, allergies, etc.  She then examined my face and told me, “Melissa, we’re going to get your skin cleared up!”.  That’s all I needed to hear to feel optimistic.

She prescribed me with antibiotics that I must take once a day and Atralin, a gel that I apply to the problem areas at bedtime each night.  She informed me that changes won’t happen over night, that it may take some time, but with consistency, it will clear up.

I have a follow up appointment with Dr. Chang at the end of the month.  I have to bring the products that I have been using to this visit.  Along with the meds, I’ve decided to cut back on the sweets and drink more water.  Hopefully things should improve by next visit..  Either way I’ll keep you guys posted.

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