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Don’t Grab My Hair Because You’re Messing Up My Weave

I celebrated my 10,592.0238 day birthday this past weekend.  The theme was “Valley of the Dolls”, so I wanted to do everything doll/barbie-like — pink everything, apparel, big accessories, big lashes, and most importantly, big hair.  

Now, I’ve done the weave thing from time to time, but I’ve never been consistent with it.  The maintenance and expense is a bit much for me.  The longest I kept it in, is about 2 weeks, but I decided to do something different and get the sown in to have it last longer.  

I went to my sister’s salon in Baltimore, Salon Blush, where she sewn in 16 inches of lovely locs. For the record, I am tender-headed AND this was my first time, trying this method, so it was a bit painful for me.  My head was literally throbbing, and for a moment, I had contemplated stopping and taking it out.   The whole time I was thinking to myself, how do women do this consistently, it’s torture and how can I go out tonight and celebrate with my head hurting like this.  The price of beauty!

Maybe because my mind began to focused on others things, the party and joking around with the ladies in the salon, but it’s as almost the pain went away soon after.  Looking at the end result certainly helped as well.  I loved it, but I did have to issue a warning, that if anyone, pulled, touched or even patted my head that night, it would be on!

Would I do it again??? I would never say never, but I will say, a sew-in is perfect for those who intend on keeping it in longer than a few days/weeks and who aren’t tender-headed.  

Skin Beauty Lounge Media Day

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending Skin Beauty Lounge’s Media Day.  It was an exclusive and intimate event for media for Capitol Hill’s premiere spa.  Skin Beauty Lounge (404.5 8th Street, SE, WDC) was recently named by InStyle Magazine as the best place in D.C. for tanning and spa services.  I’ve heard of Skin Beauty Lounge before, but I never had the opportunity to visit, so I was super excited to attend this event.  

I was happy to know that Skin Beauty Lounge is conveniently located right located across the Eastern Market metro on the Orange/Blue Line.   Once I arrived,  I was welcomed by Janelle Langford of Urban Suite Entertainment and met some of the staff of Skin Beauty Lounge, including, owner, Meka Mathis, Megan, the receptionist and esthetican, Roxanne.

Janelle Langford of Urban Suite Entertainment & owner of Skin Beauty Lounge, Meka Mathis

Myself and Janelle

Their services include: body treatments (airbrush tanning, AHA Peel, Microdermabrasion),facials, brow & lash tinting,  eyelash extensions, makeup application and waxing services.  I know that the spa is well known for their premiere waxing services, especially the much talked about vajazzling. Their the first to offer this service in D.C.  Yet, as much as I was intrigued by the bling, I opted for a simple eyebrow waxing.

If you have followed me for a while, you know I’m very particular about who does my brows.  Trust me, I’ve had my share of brow waxing nightmares – (  Not every who performs this service actually does a good job, but I was in good hands with Roxanne.  She didn’t take too much off and surprisingly, I wasn’t red afterwards.  She simply cleaned up my brows and I was VERY pleased with Roxanne’s brow work.

In one of the treatment rooms, getting my eyebrows waxed by Roxanne

Along with the fabulous products/services, wonderful decor, relaxing atmosphere, and convenience of location, I truly loved the fact, that they take evening appointments.  As a working women, it’s a little difficult fitting spa appointments in, when most spas take their last clients at 4pm/5pm.  Luckily, Skin Beauty Lounge, offers evening appointments Tuesdays-Thursdays, with the latest appointment at 7:30pm.  How cool is that?

While, I’m still working up the courage to get vajazzled, I think my next appointment with Skin Beauty Lounge will be a Pamper Party with my girls.   If you live in the DC area, I encourage you to make an appointment as well.  Visit Skin Beauty Lounge online at  

Beauty Pro of the Week

Yours truly has been named as Urban Beauty Collective’s (UBC) Beauty Pro of the Week.

Now, for those who aren’t familiar with the UBC, it’s an online network of ethnic style professionals and inspired ordinary people, like me. The UBC features celeb photo commentary, videos, forums and tips from real, working black beauty pros with hands-on experience.

I suggest that all glamour girls and guys check it out

My Day Waxing at D’Brows

I had the opportunity to attend the Media Day Event held at D’Brow’s, DC’s premire salon for eyebrow design, eyelash extensions, skincare and make-up for their Media Day Event.

Once I arrived at D’Brows I was immediately greeted by the friendly assistant at the front desk. I gave her my name and was told, my stylist Helena would be right with me. During my brief wait, I had the oppoutrtunity to take in chic decor and tranquil vibe….my kind of place.

As Helena finsihed my brows, I realized I had forgotten my eyeshadow to touch up my face, for my next engagaement, but luckily they also provide a make-up service, something that you probably won’t get at your ordinary salon.

Checking out my calendar now to schedule my next brow appointment at D’Brows. For all glamour girls and/or guys who are looking for a salon for eyebrow design, eyelash extensions, skincare and make-up, you should check out D’Brows. It’s right on U Street, next to one of my favorite spots, Ben Chili Bowl.

Thanks to Tamaro, Helena and the lovely staff at D’Brows. You can check out D’Brows at You can even make appointments online.

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