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Halloween Look : So ToxicPoison Ivy

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I LOVE Halloween.  I come from a family of uniquely creative women, so Halloween has always been a time for us to bring out our creativity in our costumes.
                            My mom created the Bride and Mermaid costumes for my sister and I 1993
I must admit, for the past couple of years, I have purchased my costume online or from a Halloween store, but this year I wanted to bring the creativity back.  I wanted to go outside of the norms, like the witch, vampire, angel, etc., so somehow I decided to be Poison Ivy from the Batman Series.
Heres a little background info about Poison Ivy, for those who dont know:
Pamela Lillian Isley was a well-known and highly successful botanist. After learning she has a hyperactive immune system that causes her body reject any infection, poison, or outside contamination, she dons the guise of Poison Ivy and begins a career of crime. Those who spurn or commit acts that harm plant life or the environment become the object of the evil affections of Poison Ivy. She is evil yet can be incredibly seductive in luring men to do her bidding. Her crimes are often targeted toward wealthy men. She is known to use poison perfumes and lipstick as well as plant creatures of her own design.

Heres what I did to achieve the look:

1.  I purchased a black bustier. Got some ivy from the thrift store and hot glued the ivy on the bustier. That process took about 3 hours.  I would recommend getting a green leotard/bustier/one-piece, that way if there are patches, it would blend it better.
2. I purchased my shoulder gloves from  Unfortunately the gloves werent the color I expected, they were more of a blueish-green than green.  I purchased a dark green dye from Micheals and dyed the gloves to get them a dark green color.
3.  Purchased opaque stockings from American Apparel in emerald.
4.  Poison Ivys trademark is her long flowing red hair.  I purchased this Pin Up Girl Wig in Red.  It was sold out almost everywhere, luckily I found it at and got it for $16.
5.  I purchased black boots from the thrift store and spray painted them green.
6.  Finally, for the make-up, I did a green smokey eye, rocked thick, long and flirty lashes and of course I couldnt forget the signature green lips.  It was difficult finding green lipstick, so I used green cream eyeliner, green face crayon and a little gloss to achieve the look.
And heres the end results:

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