My Halloween Costume:: DIY Centaur

If you been following the blog for sometime you know how I love to create my own costume.  One of my favorite Halloween creations was my Poison Ivy costume, over 3 years ago.

This year, I wanted to make something a little more difficult, a centaur.  Centaur which represent the zodiac sign, Sagittarius, the Archer,  is a mythological half-man, half-horse.  Sagittarius is  said to represent an inner spirit to free ones self from mankinds animalistic nature, and enhance the purpose of the soul.

This was a very difficult, yet fun task.  Everything, with the exception of the wig and jewelry, were either made from scratch or altered.   The form of the horse was first made out of chicken wire, then covered with paper mache (my least fave part), added foam and stuffing for dimension, metal pieces and duck tape for stability and covered with faux fur.  We added wheels to make it mobile. My pants were sown out of the same fur.   The corset was actually white, I tried to dye it brown but it didnt turn out right, so we covered it with faux leather. I purchased the bow and arrow and quiver as a kit and sprayed parts of it gold.  The skirt was made of brown faux leather  with a gold netted material sown on top. I ran into a lot roadblocks with keeping donk stable, (also, cut myself with the wire, burn fingers with the glue gun and even stepped on a needle), but after a couple of tweaks we got her rolling and sitting up perfectly.

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