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Its no secret that I LOVE lashes!  I have pretty much, every mascara you can think of from curling to volumizing.  Every false lash you can think of from natural and glamorous to full and individuals.  I have it all!  But sadly, all because I wasnt blessed with the long lashes gene.  Boohoo!  One time, I even decided to get my lashes done at a local nail salon, only to come out looking worse, than when I came in with no lashes at all.  It wasnt until I saw a family member, rocking her lovely but natural looking mink lashes, that I thought I would give it another try.


After receiving the information from my family, I set up my appointment with Qui from Make It Lash.  I decided the look I wanted, which was a natural, flare lash and the process took about two hours.  I know that seems like a hell of a long time, but keep in mind that each single lash was applied individually and honestly seeing the end results, it was worth the time.  The lashes were light-weight and looked natural, but noticeable and even more, I didnt have to apply mascara or use strips for 3 weeks.


So if youre thinking about getting mink lashes, I say, go for it!  Keep in mind though, that youll have to take proper care of the lashes to ensure they last between 3-5 weeks and youll have to keep up with your appointments.  You can try to stretch it,  but dont want to have one eye looking half full, while the other only has 3 lashes.  Trust you, people will notice the difference.

Have you tried mink lashes or thinking about it? 

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