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DIY Silk Press

You know how were always trying to achieve that salon look at home, but it never quite looks or feel the same?  Well,  I think I found a DIY recipe for a silk press, that looks just like youve stepped out of the salon.  Now, some of you are probably asking, what is a silk press.   A silk press is a modern day hair press, but a flat iron is instead of a pressing comb.  No grease or heavy oils to weigh your hair done.  When a silk press done properly, your hair should feel light, shiny and silky.

diy_silk press

Heres what I used:

  • Paul Mitchells Clarifying Shampoo Three
  • Suaves Keratin Infused Smoothing Shampoo (Still one of my faves)
  • Suaves Keratin Infused Smoothing Conditioner
  • Its A 10s Miracle Leave-In Product
  • Biosilk Silk Therapy

The Process:

  • I washed my hair twice with Paul Mitchells Clarifying Shampoo.
  • I used Suaves Keratin Infused Smooth Shampoo to
  • Followed up with Suaves Keratin Conditioner, combing it through and did a steam treatment for about 30 mins (will do a post on the DIY steam treatment this week).
  • Rinsed the conditioner out with cold water.  Remember using cold water helps seal the moisture in your hair and increases shine.
  • Applied Its a 10 Miracle Leave-In and combed it through the ends.
  • Blew my hair dry
  • Once dry I applied Biosilks Silk Therapy through my hair.
  • I finished up by flat ironing my hair.

And here is the end result

diy_silk press2


Have you tried a DIY silk press?  Let me know what you think.

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